Conyers, GA


Conyers, GA, is a city in Rockdale County, just east of Atlanta. Founded in 1854 as a tiny village, Conyers has grown steadily over the years, becoming an important part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. Today, Conyers is home to nearly 16,000 people, and its convenient location makes it a popular place to live and work. The city is also known for its strong sense of community, and its residents take pride in their city and its history. From its quaint downtown to its abundance of green space, Conyers is a great place to call home.

Conyers Georgia

The History of Conyers

The city’s motto is “Conyers – Where Country Meets the City.” Conyers was established in 1854 as one of two towns designated by the Georgia General Assembly as county seats for newly created Rockdale County. The town was named after Milwaukee, Wisconsin, legislator Levi Conyers. Levi Conyers’ great-grandson, John Conyers, Jr., represented Michigan’s 14th congressional district in the United States House of Representatives from 1965 until he resigned in December 2017 amid sexual harassment allegations.

The town grew rapidly during the 1850s and 1860s as cotton farming became increasingly profitable in Georgia. By 1870, Conyers had three mills, two gin mills, a gristmill, and a livery stable. Despite its growth, however, the village remained largely agrarian until after World War II, when it began to experience a population boom fueled by white flight from Atlanta. Although Conyers began to experience significant suburbanization during the 1950s and 1960s, like many Metro Atlanta communities, it did not become incorporated until March 16, 1976, when residents approved incorporation by a vote of 1,695 to 1,138. In 2015,[11] U.S. News & World Report ranked Conyers as #67 on its list of 100 best places to live in America and #57 on its list of 100 best places to retire in America.WalletHub ranked Conyers among America’s 150 safest cities to live in in 2016 and again in 2017. In 2019 SafeWise ranked Conyers as 14th on its list of 20 Safest Cities in Georgia; this was up from 16th position in 2018 and 19th position in 2017. Conyers has been described as a perfect example of suburban sprawl’.

What to Do In Conyers

Conyers, Georgia, is a delightful city to visit, and there are many things to do while you are here. The first thing on your list should be a visit to the Rockdale Civil War Museum. This interesting museum tells the story of the Civil War in a very unique way. You will see artifacts from the war as well as hear firsthand accounts from people who were there. The second thing on your list should be a visit to the Old Courthouse Museum. This museum is located in an old courthouse that was built in 1868. The museum has a variety of exhibits that tell the history of Conyers and its people. The third thing on your list should be a visit to the Conyers Farmers Market. This market is held every Saturday morning and features fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, and artisan foods from local vendors. When you are finished at the market, be sure to check out the Conyers History Center. This center contains a wealth of information about Conyers and its rich history. There is also a gift shop where you can purchase items related to Conyers’s history.