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We understand that people sometimes need to park their vehicles in Conyers, even if it’s not in a designated parking space. However, illegally parked vehicles can create a number of problems. They can block traffic, make it difficult for pedestrians to use sidewalks and crosswalks, and cause damage to property. For these reasons, we impound vehicles when they’re illegally parked in Conyers. We understand that this can be disruptive, but it’s important to keep our community safe and functioning smoothly. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. Thank you.

Do I Call a Tow Truck Company for an Impound If Someone Is Illegally Parked On My Property? 

If you find a car parked on your property without your permission, you may be wondering if you should call a tow truck company to have the car impounded. While this is certainly an option, there are a few things you should keep in mind first. First, check to see if the car has any identifying information, such as a license plate or registration sticker. If so, you may be able to track down the owner and have them remove the car themselves. If not, calling a tow truck company is a good option. Be sure to get an estimate from the company first, as impounding a car can be expensive. You may also want to check with your local police department to see if they have any recommendations for tow truck companies in your area.

Georgia’s Costs for Getting a Vehicle Out of Impound

In the state of Georgia, if your vehicle is towed and impounded, you will have to pay a number of fees in order to get it back. The first fee is the tow charge, which is set by the state and ranges from $75 to $200. The second fee is the daily storage fee, which is also set by the state and ranges from $15 to $30. In addition, you may also be charged a gate fee, an administration fee, and a vehicle release fee. The total cost of getting your vehicle out of impound can range from $265 to $455, depending on the fees charged by the impound lot. If you are unable to pay the full amount, you may be able to arrange for a payment plan. However, you will still be responsible for all of the fees associated with impounding your vehicle.

Who Calls for an Impound: Property Owners or Law Enforcement?

In most cases, it is the property owner who calls for an impound. This is usually because the vehicle is parked illegally on private property and is causing a nuisance. The property owner will contact law enforcement and request that the vehicle be removed. In some cases, however, law enforcement may call for an impound. This can happen if the vehicle is abandoned or if it has been involved in a crime. In either case, the vehicle will be towed to an impound lot where it will be stored until it can be claimed by the owner.

Our Team Can Safely and Securely Impound Vehicles

Here at Towing Services of Conyers, we offer a wide range of impound services for vehicles of all types. Whether you need to impound a car for illegal parking or abandoned vehicles, our team is here to help. We understand the importance of safety and security when it comes to impounding vehicles, which is why we take great care to ensure that all of our procedures are carried out in a safe and secure manner. We also offer a secure storage facility for impounded vehicles, so you can rest assured that your vehicle will be in good hands until you are ready to retrieve it. If you need an impound service that you can trust, look no further than Towing Services of Conyers. We are here to help you get the job done right.

If Someone Is Illegally Parked On Your Property, Towing Services of Conyers Can Help with Impound Services

Have you ever come home to find a car parked in your driveway without your permission? It can be a frustrating and even dangerous situation. If you have an unwanted vehicle on your property, Towing Services of Conyers can help. We offer impound services to remove vehicles that are illegally parked on your property. We will tow the vehicle to our impound lot, where it will be stored until it is claimed by the owner. 

If you’re in need of towing services in Conyers, you can choose a company with confidence when you go with Towing Services of Conyers. We’re a reliable and reputable company that’s been serving the Conyers area for years. We offer a variety of services, including 24/7 emergency towing, local and long-distance towing, flatbed towing, and more. We’re also a fully licensed and insured company. So if you’re ever in need of towing services, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll be there when you need us. If you have an unwanted vehicle on your property, Towing Services of Conyers can provide the impound services you need to remove it quickly and safely. Give us a call today.