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You rely on your vehicle to get you around, so when something goes wrong with it while you are out driving, you may become stranded. That is when you should contact us, Decatur Towing. We are ready to provide you with assistance when you need it because we know that emergencies do not happen on a schedule. We will arrive in a timely fashion, so you are not stuck roadside for hours on end. We have professional operators who can get you back on the road quickly.

When you call us at Decatur Towing, you can be assured that we will quickly send help to your location. We operate trucks in your local area and offer service to local area residents. You can trust us because we believe in customer service and treating our customers with respect. We are proud to provide services that help those who need them the most when they become stranded on the road.

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Impound Towing

Illegal parking is a problem in many cities and towns, causing congestion and making it difficult for emergency vehicles to get through. In order to keep streets clear, most municipalities have laws that allow for towing and impounding illegally parked vehicles. While this can be an inconvenience for drivers, it is important to remember that these laws are put in place for the safety of the community. When a vehicle is towed, the driver is typically responsible for paying a fine in order to get the vehicle released from the impound lot. In some cases, the vehicle may also be auctioned off if the fine is not paid. While towing and impounding can be costly for drivers, it is often necessary in order to keep city streets safe and accessible.

We offer fast service, meaning when you call us, we will send help quickly. You will not have to wait for hours wondering when help will arrive. All our operators are knowledgeable and friendly and will come to your assistance within the amount of time we quote. We understand that waiting on the side of the road is not ideal, and depending on which location you are in, it could be dangerous. When you call us, you can relax knowing that we will arrive as quickly as we can at your location.

Our professional tow truck drivers are ready to assist you in many ways. We can tow your vehicle, change a flat tire (you must provide the spare tire), or provide you with enough fuel for you to get to the next gas station to refill your gas tank. We know that no one plans for an emergency, and when they happen, it can be traumatic and can cause a lot of stress.

You will receive a live operator when you call Decatur Towing. We know that experiencing an emergency or a roadside breakdown is stressful, and we certainly do not want to add to that stress by making you wait without knowing when we will arrive. We are here to provide you with the help that you need, so call us when you are looking for assistance; we are ready.

Towing and Emergency Services

We understand that it is very stressful to be stranded on the side of the road for hours when your car is broken down. We will arrive at your location as quickly as possible and assess your problem. From there, we may be able to make some simple repairs to get you to a nearby service station, but if not, we will tow you to a repair shop of your choosing. We will never take advantage of you when you are stranded. The quote that we provide is the price that we will charge because we know that it is essential not to add extra stress to your life. Need Lock-out assistance? Call now.

“Their tow truck driver got to me fast and was very friendly. They got reasonable rates too.” -Tyler S.
“Amazing customer service and very helpful also.” – Adam M.

“Good service, friendly driver. Thanks for the help.” – Smitty P.

The Professionals at Decatur Towing are Available to Help

When you need roadside emergency assistance or any other kind of help, our professionals at Decatur Towing can help. We provide service to motorists 24/7 so that you can get back on your way quickly. Call us now to find out more about the services we offer.

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