Jump Start

Jump Start Decatur

Decatur Tow Services offers superior jump start services for vehicle owners in the state of Georgia.

We operate trucks in local areas to provide prompt assistance to drivers who get stranded on the road because of automobile issues. Our professional operators make it possible for car owners to return to the road as soon as possible.

How the Jump Start Procedure Works


A jump start is a process that aims to restart a motor vehicle with an empty or discharged battery. It is popularly known as a “boost.”

We will temporarily connect the car or truck to an external power source or another vehicle. The external electricity supply is utilized to recharge the car’s battery so that it will have enough power to start the engine.

Jumper cables are commonly used during the jump start procedure. These cables are a pair of insulated wires with alligator clips that interconnect the car with the auxiliary source. The clips are usually made out of steel or copper. These are labeled with black and red signs, which show their polarity.

We will remove the auxiliary source after your car has been restarted. The normal charging system will recharge the battery as long as the vehicle’s charging system is properly functioning. We may drive the car for a few minutes to make the recharging procedure faster.


Why Drivers in Georgia Should Choose Our Jump Start Services


It is possible for vehicle owners like you to bring jumper cables so you can be prepared for the unexpected discharge of your car’s battery. Take note that your battery may become depleted if you accidentally leave your ignition switch or headlights on while the engine is off.

However, you may unintentionally jump-start your car in the wrong way, which could possibly cause battery-related accidents and injuries. After all, motor batteries contain sulfuric acid that may potentially exude a flammable, explosive gas during the charging process.

The Texas government recommends that you call a professional if you cannot properly handle the jump start procedure. It is a more practical option to request help from tried-and-tested automobile experts like Decatur Tow Services.

These are some of the reasons why you should call our company if the battery of your car suddenly becomes drained:

  • Our well-trained professional team can perform the jump-starting process on your behalf in a safer, more efficient way than you can on your own.
  • We provide 24/7 assistance, so you can give us a call no matter what day or time you need jump start services for your vehicle.
  • We understand that you may require more than one type of service for your car, so we also offer other auto services. These include towing, tire change, fuel delivery, lockout, and more.
  • Our staff has a genuine concern about car owners like you. It is our goal to grant you the help you need when you encounter stressful motor-related problems.  


Contact Decatur Tow Services for Reliable Jump Start Services in Georgia


Cars and other vehicles can unexpectedly break down anytime, anywhere for various reasons. Decatur Tow Services is highly aware of this possibility. That’s why we are just a call away in case you suddenly get stuck on the road.

There’s no need for you to remain stranded if your car stops working. We can send help to your location in the shortest period of time possible.

Dial (678) 672-3963 so our team can come to your rescue and assist you with your car troubles. Send us a message on our Decatur Towing website to learn more about our jump start services and other auto services.